Asper Visiting Professor 2020-2021

The UBC School of Journalism is seeking applicants for the position of Asper Visiting Professor for 2020-2021 to join its high calibre journalism faculty and students.

Farah Nosh

2019-2020 Asper Visiting Professor Farah Nosh

UBC Journalism is a recognised leader in journalism education, research and practice. The successful candidate will have professional and teaching experience in contemporary and emerging fields of journalism, complementing and enhancing the School’s core strengths in digital, international, environment, Indigenous, and public policy journalism.

Applicants should write to Alfred Hermida, Director and Associate Professor, School of Journalism at soj.director AT, with “Asper Visiting Professor 2020-2021″ in the subject line. Applications should include an up-to-date CV and a two-page cover letter.

The deadline to apply is January 30, 2020.

The purpose of the Visiting Professor Program is to provide students with additional opportunities to learn from professionals from the field of journalism, as well as to provide the recipient with an opportunity to think and teach about journalistic themes and issues.

The Visiting Professor is expected to be in Vancouver for the duration of their contract. The duration of the appointment can range from two weeks to a full 13-week semester. The journalist will participate in teaching during the winter semester (either in Term 1: September to December or Term 2: January to April), either contributing to existing courses or teaching a new course, interacting with students and delivering one public talk.

The ideal candidate will have:

  • Substantial experience in journalism across platforms (print, broadcast and digital)
  • A proven record of editorial leadership in the field of journalism
  • Exceptional storytelling skills that integrate text, video, photo, graphics and data
  • A passion for training the next generation of journalists at a time of significant change in the media
  • A track record of working in a collegiate and collaborative environment
  • Capacity to contribute to a technology-enriched and community-engaged educational setting

The School of Journalism provides office space and administrative support, a robust research setting with high quality Master’s students and contact with other professors in the School, at UBC, and in neighbouring universities.

Preference will be given to candidates with experience of teaching and mentoring journalism students at a graduate level. The candidate will be selected by a hiring committee composed of the School’s director and faculty.

Current Asper Visiting Professor:

Farah Nosh
Topic: Visual journalism and international reporting

Past Asper Visiting Professors:

Michèle Stephenson
Journalist, filmmaker, artist and writer, Rada Film Group
Topic: Diversity, equity and inclusion in visual storytelling

Andy Carvin
Senior fellow, Atlantic Council and former NPR social media strategist
Topic: Visual journalism, social media

David Dunkley Gyimah
Video journalist and senior lecturer, University of Westminster, London
Topic: Innovations in video journalism

Sandra Bartlett
Former CBC and NPR investigative journalist
Topic: Investigative journalism

Claire Ward
Producer/shooter for VICE News
Topic: Innovative approaches in reporting on HIV/AIDS

Past Canwest Visiting Professors:

Craig Silverman
Journalist-entrepreneur known for his Regret the Error blog.
Topic: Trends and issues regarding media accuracy and verification

Michelle Aleksandrovics
Executive Producer, SBS Radio Living Black
Topic: Indigenous reporting

Ying Chan
Founding Director, Journalism and Media Studies Centre, University of Hong Kong
Topic: China 2.0: The New Digital Superpower

Frances Bula
Reporter, The Globe and Mail
Topic: Integrated Journalism

Diane Nottle
Editor, The New York Times and independent writer
Topic: Arts and Culture Journalism

Steve Pratt
Director, CBC Radio 3
Topic: Arts and Culture Journalism

David Paperny
Paperny Films
Topic: Advanced Video Story-telling

Eric Ulken
Topic: Database & Visual Analytics Journalism

Sarah Carter
Bureau Chief, CBS News Johannesburg
Topic: International Reporting

Miro Cernetig
Documentary Maker, Columnist, Vancouver Sun
Topic: Current Affairs

Rob Cribb
Investigative Journalist, Toronto Star
Topic: Advanced Reporting

Peter Klein
Producer, 60 Minutes and CBS News
Topic: Investigative Journalism

Margaret Munro
Science Journalist, Senior Writer with Canwest newspapers
Topic: Science Journalism

Claude Adams
Former Washington bureau chief, former CBC National News foreign correspondent
Topic: Broadcast Journalism

Giselle Portenier
Investigative Journalist/Producer, BBC Television
Topic: Television Current Affairs and Human Rights