Students Association (SJSA)

The UBC Graduate School of Journalism Students Association (SJSA) is the official student organization of the UBC Graduate School of Journalism. We are a group of students who meet regularly to plan events, coordinate mentorship programs and advocate for student rights in the school. Our goal is to make the student experience at the SOJ the best it can possibly be through social activities, peer support and both internal and external advocacy.

Have questions or want to get involved? Email us at

President: Logan Turner

Known to those who don’t know him well as being both wholesome and humble, Logan – who will also respond to “El Presidente” – is quick to share that he comes from the city of Thunder Bay, which is located on the traditional lands of the Anishinaabeg and in Robinson-Superior Treaty territory.

Logan has spent a lot of time growing up and playing on the north shore of Lake Superior and he will talk your ear off about how beautiful northern Ontario is. In his enthusiasm however, Logan sometimes stretches the truth a little and needs to be fact-checked!

With a background in political sciences and global health, Logan has a wide range of interests from hiking to traveling to cooking. One of those interests is making sure that the voices and needs of students are considered when decisions are being made at the School of Journalism.

Two years is short. In our brief time together, let’s learn as much as possible. Let’s make friends. Let’s have fun. Let’s tell stories.

Reach out literally any time at all!

Vice President: Candice Lipski

Candice was raised in the beautiful Okanagan Valley, which helps explain why she likes wine so much. She has a Bachelor of Arts degree with a specialization in Psychology (and she absolutely loves telling people about all the theories and studies she knows about). She has worked as a research assistant on the Lesbian and Gay Liberation Canada project (LGLC) for a number of years.

There isn’t much she isn’t interested in, but some hobbies include reading, piano, singing, and soccer. Candice has also been fortunate to travel quite extensively, and hopes to get to 25 countries before she’s 25. She also loves going on spontaneous adventures, so hit her up if you’re bored. More than anything, she loves people — she wants to make sure that there’s a supportive atmosphere at UBC’s School of Journalism.

Candice is now trying to see if this whole journalism thing is for her. Although writing has always been her favourite, she has recently become interested in video production as well as the creation of visualizations. She recently interned at both Vancouver Magazine and CBC.

Her twitter isn’t lit but you can check it out if you want: @Candice_Lipski
She’ll email you back faster than anyone you know:

Secretary: Kassidie Cornell

Like Candice, Kassidie was also raised in the beautiful Okanagan and she loves wine, but only white and rose. She has a Bachelor of Science in Media & Journalism with a minor in Sport Media & Marketing.

As a competitive swimmer for more than 13 years, Kassidie went to the University of South Dakota on a competitive swimming scholarship for her undergrad. She now spends the little spare time she has giving back to the swimming community by coaching for a Vancouver swim club. Aside from swimming and working out, Kassidie is also a major sports fan, especially hockey, with her favourite team being the Pittsburgh Penguins #Crosby. One of Kassidie’s hobbies is attending concerts, country concerts to be exact.

Kassidie is working toward her goal of becoming a morning anchor for Global BC. While video and broadcast journalism have always piqued her interests, Kassidie also wants to explore social media journalism more. She spent part of her summer interning at Daily Hive and Global National.

She rarely tweets, but she loves retweeting and liking tweets: @kassidiecornell
As SJSA secretary, you can always reach her at

External Relations: Samantha Peng

Sam grew up in Richmond B.C. She’s Chinese-Canadian but has roots in Thailand, Malaysia and Singapore. She completed a Bachelor of Arts in Human Geography at UBC.

Sam has only three real loves: cooking, eating and cats (not in that order). She enjoys cooking anything from biscuits & gravy to Hainanese chicken rice to almond croissants, but she also orders late night McDick’s on a weekly basis. Do not ask her to eat out, she will say yes.

Because Sam knows how to live a balanced lifestyle, she also lifts weights. In the past, she used to run long distances, dance hip hop, do theatre and leave the comfort of her bed. Today, she belts passionately at karaoke, plays Tetris and treats herself to brunch every weekend.

Right now, Sam works at the UBC Emerging Media Lab in media relations. She’s passionate about storytelling in mediums like audio, video, VR and AR. She spent the summer interning at CBC Network Talk and the Daily Hive.

Reach her through:
Twitter @Samanthadpeng
Instagram @samanthadpeng
C: 778-319-241
Or just approach her in-person, the old fashioned way.

Events Coordinator: Carol Eugene Park

Carol Eugene Park grew up in Hamilton, Ontario but calls Toronto home. She double majored in English and Renaissance studies at Victoria College in the University of Toronto. She is the daughter of two conservative Korean immigrant parents, which is why she is a radical, sex-positive feminist whose views are the bane of her father’s existence.

She enjoys talking about race, colonialism, and feminist theory. Due to her degree in Renaissance Studies, she possesses random knowledge about the European early modern period, mostly in Tuscany and England. Her academic identity is, what many of her undergrad friends call, a 60-year-old white man.

She was an active student journalist at U of T, and decided to pursue a master’s at UBC, with the hopes of being a radio journalist.

Carol is a sassy, eccentric human being. Her astrological sign is Cancer-Scorpio, and a rising Libra. She is a wild one. Her social media platforms are proof of this fact. She tweets a lot — probably too much about her personal life, but hey, the fans love it.

She spent her summer interning at CBC Podcasts in Toronto, and The Tyee in Vancouver.

You can reach her at Or, follow her on Twitter @caroleugenepark. She is not the greatest texter but you can try anyways at (647)-978-5427. If you would like to follow her on Instagram, do it but don’t say I didn’t warn you: @carolparkk.

International Student Representative — Second Year: Hina Imam

Hina grew up in Saudi Arabia, a daughter of Pakistani immigrants. The experience of being a third-culture kid was alienating but in introspect she believes it is what made her resilient and more adaptable to new places.

Prior to coming to Canada and pursuing grad school at UBC, Hina was a freelance journalist. She deeply cares and writes about social justice, race, gender, migration, sociopolitical, and urban issues.

She spent the summer interning at CBC Vancouver, The Tyee, and The Georgia Straight.

Hina is happy to provide support and guidance to international students as she realizes moving to a new country is thrilling (sure) but at the same time terrifying (too real) – come say hi even (especially) if you are feeling awkward.

You can reach her at:
Twitter @hinazimam

First Year Representative: Priya Bhat M

A native of the southern, coastal city of Mangalore, Priya grew up in an Indian household and considers herself lucky to have traveled a bit while growing up, owing to her father’s occupation. Having the opportunity to live in various cities helped her appreciate the diversity that exists in the world and fall in love with cultures unknown to her before. She has a Bachelor of Arts degree in Journalism, Psychology and English Literature (all of which she equally loves!) but wants to pursue her Masters in Journalism so that she can bring her favorite subjects to life through visual storytelling.

Priya loves watching movies, so if you ever want someone to tag along with you, she is your go-to person. Her only concern in life is to be able to make enough time for all her interests which include playing badminton, singing, exploring new restaurants and traveling. She recently realized (after moving to Vancouver) that she really has a knack for cooking (or at least she thinks so) and wants to experiment with her food on people, so if you’re up for the challenge, go find her asap!

As someone who loves talking to people and listening to others’ stories, she believes a happy and comfortable classroom atmosphere can only have positive benefits in the long run– both personally and professionally.

Priya is literally that 3 a.m. friend you have, so reach out to her whenever you want and you can discuss world peace together!

Twitter: @priyabhatwits
Instagram: @priya_bhat
Cell: 778-321-2630

International Student Representative — First Year: Ayesha Ghaffar

If Ayesha had a middle name it would probably be something about her phobia for cats and awkwardness. Born and raised in Karachi, Pakistan, Ayesha is in the Western part of the world for the first time, ever. Anxcited (anxious and excited) about her journey ahead but hopeful about meeting new people and creating relationships that will be lifelong.

She believes in the happiness that comes from little things; cycling, a walk on the beach and a hearty conversation over coffee or even water (let’s make that a thing!). She doesn’t have a lot of hobbies but her favourite one is painting and arts and crafts, especially making greeting cards (she’s old school like that).

With a bachelor’s degree in Media Science (majors Journalism) and having worked as a lifestyle journalist for almost two years, Ayesha now hopes to take small steps towards achieving her goal of becoming an investigative and data journalist. She is taking every day as a learning experience in order to take the knowledge back home and implement it in whichever way possible.

As a Muslim international student, she’s fighting daily battles and realizes how challenging it can be to find home away from home. Homesickness is one aspect of it, but what about the overwhelming feeling of ‘how will I make it through’ or ‘can I even do this?’ MAJOR RELATE.

So, if you’re feeling the same way as her please reach out at any time and she will make you a decent (read: awesome) cup of chai and hear you out and share her thoughts, as well.

P.S: For instant connection, talk about Penguins and Pugs.

Twitter: @ayeshaghaffar
Instagram: @ayeshathepenguin