The Global Reporting Archive

Police round up and detain young men early in the night in the hope that it will prevent more violence in Colombia’s most dangerous city. (Photo: Alexander Villegas)

One project looked at Cali, Colombia’s most dangerous city. (Photo: Alexander Villegas, Class of 2017)

Hundreds of hours of video from around the world are available for free for non-commercial use in the Global Reporting Archive from the UBC School of Journalism.

The material was produced and collected in the field over the past decade by UBC Journalism students and faculty as part of the International Reporting Program.

Over the past 10 years, the program has researched and produced major journalism projects focused around a specific issue or topic, such as e-waste, food safety and security, palliative health care and pharmaceuticals, struggles over land and illegal logging.

The archive includes video from countries such as Brazil, Chile, China, Ghana, India, Indonesia, Russia, Thailand and Uganda to name a few.

The material is freely available for use by media organisations, video producers or students, for any journalistic or academic use, including for documentaries, news broadcasts, teaching and research.

A selection of video from the Global Reporting Archive is available to view and download on Vimeo for free for non-commercial use. Browse the site, select the video and download it straight away.

The entire catalog of raw material is also available, including full interviews and hundreds hours of video. To request material from this catalog, please submit an online request.

Creative Commons license

Creative CommonsThese resources are publicly available under Creative Commons (BY/NC). Please note that any use of this Creative Commons license requires the following attribution, and anyone downloading material agrees to include this credit in any use of photos or video:

“Material courtesy of the University of British Columbia International Reporting Program, under Creative Commons (CC BY-NC).”

The UBC School of Journalism is grateful for the financial support of Alison Lawton and the Mindset Social Innovation Foundation for the International Reporting Program and the Global Reporting Archive.

Sample videos available in the archive